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Handicap Accessibility for Troy, AL Residents & Visitors 


Accessibility is a requirement for persons with disabilities and mobility limitations. However, finding a credible, knowledgeable partner with the right mobility solutions may not always be a simple task. 


As a leader in providing the right mobility solutions for disabled individuals, Gulf States Mobility believes in providing complete solutions to ensure accessibility in vehicles and residences. We understand the unique challenges presented to mobility-impaired persons, and work closely with our customers to ensure we’re presenting the right solutions for vehicle and residence accessibility. 

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Our mobility solutions include: 


  • Vehicles for purchase 
  • Rental vehicles for short- or long-term use
  • Hand control conversion products
  • Vehicle lifts


With over 90 years or combined experience, we also know that some customers may face financial difficulties with these conversion and accessibility solutions. We provide guidance and assistance in securing necessary financing, including lease options, grants, and other assistance to ensure our customers enjoy mobility accessibility how they need it. 


Find Mobility in Your Troy, AL Home w/ Accessibility Solutions 


Ensuring that your home is wheelchair accessible enables you or your family member to easily move from the exterior to the interior, as well as between the floors of your home. We offer a variety of industry-leading mobility solutions, such as: 


  • Stair lifts, both curved and straight-line options to suit your home as required
  • Platform lifts for indoor and outdoor purposes


During an initial consultation, our experienced team will help identify the solutions best suited to your home. We strive to alleviate any stress associated with your or your family member’s transition to a wheelchair, whether it is a short-term or long-term solution. 


 Contact Gulf States Mobility near Troy, AL for Handicap Accessibility Solutions


Our team at Gulf States Mobility is dedicated to providing our customers in the Troy, Alabama, area with the mobility solutions they need when transitioning to a wheelchair. We understand that this transition often brings a variety of emotions and stress to both the individual and their family, and we provide support for everyone affected to reduce limitations and increase mobility. 


Our mobility solutions ensure that you or your family member live an active, comfortable lifestyle despite the limitations presented by a wheelchair. Our home and vehicle conversions, products, and vehicles easily integrate into your lifestyle. We also provide financial support and solutions to alleviate the strain to your family budget. Visit our wheelchair accessible office in Wetumpka, Alabama, or contact us online to schedule an appointment, and let our team provide the solutions you need to enhance your mobility.